Our Party Characters

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Princess Party Characters

Princess Beauty, The Ice Queen, The Ice Princess, Glass Slipper Princess, 

 The Sleeping Princess,The Arabian Princess, The Mermaid Princess, Pirates, The Tower Princess, Green Fairy, Wonderland Girl, The Fairest Princess, Courageous Princess, 

Pocahontas, Princess Elena, The Wayfinder Princess, The Asian Princess, 

Dorothy from Oz, The New Orleans Princess, & More!

Superhero Party Characters

Spider Hero, Bat Hero, Man of Iron, The American Captain,

Large Green Man, Super Hero, Red Ranger of Power, Flash Man,

Woman of Wonder, The Widow Hero, Super Hero Girl,

Black Cat Hero, Bat Hero Girl, Feline Woman

Villain Party Characters

(we do stunt shows, too!)

The Joke Villain, The Venomous Villain, Ms. Poison Vines, Black Space Man, 

Soldier of Winter, Man of Riddles, Goblin Man, Black Feline Woman & more!

Party Characters & Mascots

(Don't see what you want? Contact Star Brite Entertainment & we may be able to get it!)

Dogs on Patrol, Mr.Mouse, Mrs.Mouse, Peter Boy, The Arabian Prince, 

Renaissance Knight, The Charming Prince, The Beast Man, Pirates (male & female),

Mad Hat Man, The Easter Bunny, Pink Troll, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves, 

Video Game Hero, Cat with Hat, Toy Doctor, Clowns, Magician, 

Toy Cowboy, Toy Cowgirl, Space Toy, Pink Pig, Funny Robots, Funny Snowman, 

Captain Jax Pirate, Cheerleaders (male & female), Rogue Girl, Karate Turtles & more!

Singing Telegram Characters

Funny Nurse, 50's Girl/Guy, Platinum Movie Star, Mime, Robber,Bumble Bee, CEO,

Disco Girl/Guy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Bride, Prom Queen, Singing Banana,

Old Lady/Old Man, Doctor, Hula Girl, Big Baby, Cheerleader, Maid, Grim Reaper,

50's Vegas Pop Star, Nerd, "Happy" the Clown, Captain Jax, Pop Star, Prince Charming,

Galactic Warriors, Pirates (male & female), Flapper, Ninja, Santa & Mrs. Claus,

Elves, Easter Bunny & all of our Fun Mascot Characters*, Rogue Jedi Girl, Mal & Evie 

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