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Terms & Conditions 

Deposits and Payments:

Deposits are accepted by Venmo, Zelle, Square Cash App, PayPal or Apple Pay. Credit cards will be accepted for your convenience and will incur a 3.5% convenience fee + .30 cents on all transactions. Debit cards are not accepted.

Or, if you prefer, you may pay the deposit via Cashier’s Check, Money Order or Business Check. Personal Checks are not accepted. If mailing a check, it must be received in our office within 3 business days in order to hold the date. 

Any balances are due in cash to your performers at the Event.  

**Schools, Government Offices and other groups that pay by company check will need to pay a 50% deposit. The balance is due by company check at the event or in advance.

Please make checks payable to: “Star Brite Entertainment”

Star Brte Entertainment

17110 Dalke Ln

Riverside, CA 92504

*Returned checks will incur a $25 returned check fee.

*We do not pick up checks or cash deposits, nor do we allow drop-offs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cancellations, Refunds, and Rescheduling:

We understand that life happens and you may need to cancel or reschedule your party/event. If you need to reschedule your party, please let us know as soon as possible. Cancellations at any time after signing the party agreement are non-refundable. However, you are able to reschedule your party within 6 months of the original date if cancelled a minimum of 7 days before the original date and time.

We will not accept any TIME changes less than 72 hours before the scheduled party. We will do our best to accommodate a time change request, but it is not guaranteed.

*In the event of bad weather, serious illness, or other unforeseen emergency, we reserve the right to offer you another character of choice, or offer an alternative date. 

Outdoor Party Policy:

Outdoor venues are always welcome! However, if you are planning an outdoor event, always have a backup plan in the event of bad weather such as, but not limited to sprinkling, rain, wind etc. Because of the delicate and expensive nature of our costumes, gowns and wigs, we will not be able to do an outdoor event if there is sprinkling, rain, dirt, mud, standing water or high winds. If there is no backup location, and the performer/s are unable to perform their activities, the full balance will still be due to your performer at the time of their departure. 

Please plan accordingly.

Warm/Cold Weather Policy:

For all events taking place in temperatures between 85 and 94 degrees ALL performer/s MUST be provided an area to conduct activities that is COMPLETELY shaded. If temperatures reach 95 degrees or higher your performers may require indoor & air conditioned accommodations. 

The health and safety of our performers is of the utmost importance. Heat stroke happens & is very serious. It will also be more comfortable for your guests. Superheroes only need an area approximately the size of an average living room to conduct activities. 

**Please see guidelines for mascots if you are reserving mascot characters.

Adversely, when outside temperatures are BELOW 65 degrees, some characters may not be able to perform outdoors comfortably without outside heater or enclosed area. In the colder months indoor locations are preferred. If having an outdoor event, please consider outside heaters and/or an enclosed area such as a tent. This will prove to be more comfortable for your guests as well and children will have a more enjoyable time.

*Some performers feel comfortable performing some activities outdoors in high heat, or extreme cold, though it is not encouraged nor recommended. It is ultimately up to the performer, and is no way guaranteed.

Contracted Time:

Any requests for time changes must be made a minimum of 72 hours before the event. Requests are not guaranteed & we will do our best to accommodate when possible.

All contracted events are to take place at the agreed upon start time and end at the agreed upon end time. In the event that you wish for your performer/s to stay past the scheduled ending time, AND they are available, they will do so at the rate of $25 per additional 15 min (or fraction thereof) PER PERFORMER, or ASSISTANT. 

Guidelines for Mascots:

If temperatures reach 80 degrees, all mascots must be provided an area that is completely shaded for the duration of their visit. If temperatures are high, mascots may be required to perform indoors in air conditioning. The safety of our performers is of the utmost importance. 

Professional Face Painting Guidelines: .

(*excludes face painting by performers as part of a character party package.)

Face Painters have a limit to the amount of faces they can feasibly paint in a given time frame. Several factors can determine how many may be painted and include but aren’t limited to: skill level, desired menu (full face designs, partial face designs, cheek art), age and number of children in attendance. Please be aware of the guidelines below and book your face painting time accordingly. The number of faces listed below is merely an estimate.

1 hour: up to 12-15 faces

90 min: up to 15-22 faces

2 hour: up to 22-30 faces

2.5 hrs: up to 30-35 faces

3 hrs: up to 35-45 faces


Children may not be left alone with a performer for any amount of time. A responsible adult must be present during all activities, within sight range.

Attendance Limits: We DO NOT have an attendance limit for our Basic Packages, however our Deluxe Packages with ONE Character have a maximum of 15 children. More children prove to be difficult for performers to conduct all activities, keep the children’s attention and effectively manage the group. 2 Characters have a limit of 20 children. 3 characters have a limit of 25-30 children.

These limits are not without reason and are based on years of experience conducting party activities. Your event will run more smoothly & your performer will be more likely to complete all activities in an organized manner when you have fewer participating children. In the event that there are more children in attendance than the package maximum, a small materials fee of $3 per additional child will be added to the balance due at your event. Please keep in mind that your performer will do his/her best to complete all of the activities in your chosen package. However, they reserve the right to make a judgement call and change or emit activities as needed in order to keep the flow of the event and stay within the contracted time.

*Our parties are priced by time, not the number of activities performed.

*Extra Party Assistants can be hired at $50 per hour. These helpers wear a company uniform.

Star Brite Entertainment does not assume responsibility or liability for accidents or damages caused during your party. However, you can be assured that our performers will treat your home and guests with respect and care. Star Brote Entertainment is not responsible for allergic reactions to any costumes, cosmetics, FDA approved face paints, temporary tattoos, accessories, or any food consumed before, during, or after the event. It is the responsibility of the guest and/or the guest’s parent/guardian to inform you, the client of any allergy restrictions and take the appropriate steps to avoid contact with such items. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the performer/party host in advance if they desire their child/children to not partake in activities such as face painting, temporary tattoos or balloons.

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